White daisy flowers

Daisy family-AsteraceaeCompositeae

The composites are the largest and most versatile of flowering plants. The flowers are tiny and tightly packed into a compound head, surrounded by sepal-like bracts. Petals are joined into a tube, and are of two kinds, with the tube ending in five short teeth, disc florets, or in a conspicuous flat flap, ray florets.

Composite flowerheads are of three kinds: rayless, with disc florets only, like thistles;  rayed with disc florets in the centres and ray florets round the edge, like daisies; and dandelion-like, with all ray florets. Fruits are tiny, often surmounted by a feathery pappus on which it floats away in the wind. Sometimes the pappuses form a rounded ‘clock’.




Daisy-Bellis perennis

Daisy– Bellis perennis

Short– height to 10cm

Flowering more or less all year round

Familiar downy perennial found in lawns and other areas of short grass Flowers in solitary heads, 15-25mm across, on slender stems; comprising yellow disc florets and white (often faintly pink-tipped) ray florets. Fruits Achenes Leaves spoon-shaped, forming prostrate rosettes from which flower stalks arise. Status Widespread & common throughout.


150610-Bodnant Garden 5Oxeye Daisy, Moon Daisy, Dog Daisy Leucanthemum vulgare

Medium – height to 60cm

Flowering May-September

A downy or hairless perennial of dry, grassy meadows, motorway & roadside verges, on disturbed ground; particularly where grass is long. Flowers in solitary heads, 30-50mm across, with yellow disc florets and white ray florets. Fruits Achenes Leaves Dark green, toothed; lower leaves spoon-shaped, stalked and forming a rosette, stem leaves pinnately lobed. Status Widespread & common throughout.

150610-Bodnant Garden 4

More about Oxeye Daisy


2012-9-15TGNW-Sea Mayweed-Tripleurospermum maritimum-Llanddwyn IslandSea Mayweed Tripleurospermum maritimum 

Medium – height to 60cm

Flowering April -October



A spreading, branched almost prostrate plant growing mainly on coastal shingle and sand. Flowers in clusters of solitary, long-stalked heads 20-40cm across, with yellow disc florets and white ray florets Receptacle domed and solid Fruits Achenes Leaves much divided into cylindrical, fleshy segments Status Widespread around coasts.






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